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Michael Caines MBE

Relais & Châteaux Chef

Michael Caines MBE
Gidleigh Park
Member Relais & Châteaux from 1984
Gidleigh Park
TQ13 8HH Chagford
United Kingdom


Gidleigh Park

21 rooms: 350-575 GBP s.n.i.
3 suites: 595-1225 GBP s.n.i.


Gidleigh Park

Menus 44-57 GBP s.n.i. (lunch), 115-140 GBP s.n.i. (dinner)

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Terminology : t. = tax - s.n.i = services excluded - s.i = services included


I loved food as a child--growing up in a large family, helping my mother in her large vegetable garden--but I didn’t think of it as a career until I was about 16 years old. I began to work part-time at a restaurant where I was told I had talent. I’m inspired nowadays by observing the seasons, sampling other restaurants, and traveling to other food regions. Recently, I was in Istanbul, which I found very interesting in the way east and west come together there. Last week it was France.


The Dartmoor lamb of Devon is unique in terms of the way it’s bred, pastured and slaughtered, and of course for its flavor and texture. I’ve had the same supplier since I arrived at Gidleigh Park. We get young lambs in the spring and summer. Later in the year, when the lambs are older, we age the meat to tenderize it and bring out its flavor. I cook the saddle sous vide, then grill it in whipped butter. The spring lamb is served with boulangère potatoes, confit shoulder, fennel purée and tapenade jus. I use a little mint in the oil blend, and I coat the lamb with Dijon mustard to make a crust.

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