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Reto Lampart

Relais & Châteaux Chef

Reto Lampart
Member Relais & Châteaux from 2010
Oltnerstrasse 19
CH-4614 Hägendorf



Menus 155-295 CHF s.i.

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Terminology : t. = tax - s.n.i = services excluded - s.i = services included


‘When I was younger, I wanted to be an architect. And then I took a course, at school, on cooking in a restaurant... that’s what made me want to be a chef!! I then embarked on a number of traineeships as chef and pastry chef the length and breadth of Switzerland. I listened, observed, practised and learnt a lot. What that taught me is rigorous organisation, as that is the way to bring several teams with different skills together to work harmoniously in pursuit of a common goal – to produce the best meal possible, without curbing the creativeness that using exceptional top-quality produce brings. Over the years, I have finally found my own personal language, my own form of expression. My wife, Anni, works in the dining room and I work in the kitchen of our country house of charm, which was once a warehouse built in 1836. Since 2000, we have been striving to achieve a fresh, seasonal and inventive cuisine rooted in this very region. An intellectual construct which is aesthetically pleasing – in short, a type of architecture.’


Goat cheese is one of the first signs of spring. It appears on our menu every year in a new form, sometimes by itself for the cheese course, or in a starter, as an ice or in a creamy stuffing. It’s an essential part of our cuisine. The cheese we serve is produced by an organic farm in Grosswangen, in the Lucerne region. It’s made entirely by hand and in limited quantities. Fresh goat cheese is excellent the way it is, simple and unadorned, accompanied by a colorful spring salad. It’s also good seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper, or combined with a few caramelized hazelnuts, quince jam, mustard seed and a beerleavened rye bread. We combine it with summer truffles and sage to stuff our ravioli, which are served with pine nuts on a bed of spinach.

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