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Annie Féolde & Riccardo Monco

Relais & Châteaux Chef

Annie Féolde & Riccardo Monco
Ristorante Enoteca Pinchiorri
Member Relais & Châteaux from 1984
Via Ghibellina, 87
I-50122 Florence


Ristorante Enoteca Pinchiorri

Menu 175 EUR s.i. Carte 190 EUR s.i.

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Terminology : t. = tax - s.n.i = services excluded - s.i = services included


"My parents, who spent their entire lives working at the Négresco in Nice, taught me all about the two main sides to a life spent serving the public: the huge pleasure you gain from contact with people and the equally huge sacrifice you make in terms of your private life. That is precisely why I did everything I could to avoid the profession. But I changed my mind when I met Giorgio Pinchiorri in Florence. An aficionado of French and Italian wines, he needed some food to accompany his fine cellar … And it is that modest role which led me on the path to becoming the first woman in Italy to win three Michelin stars. In other words, I am self taught and proud to be so, and a fervent follower of the recipes and traditions of Italy which I have collected and practised over the 40 years I have spent in the capital of Tuscany. My cuisine is Italian, based on local ingredients, and I use modern techniques to make the best of their flavour and to really make them a hugely pleasurable experience."


"They come from Alba, in Piedmont. The designation and its territory are much broader than one might think — these truffles can even be found in Tuscany. In this case, it’s more a matter of quality than geographic origin. Each chef has his own network, and choosing among these fragrant morsels is a very difficult art, something to be learned through years of experience."



"The best way to serve them is raw, cut into slices and added at the last moment to a cooked dish (pasta, eggs, potatoes or meat). You can also make a truffle-based sauce. In any case, you have to clean them well, because they’re a product of the soil, but not using water, which spoils them. The best accompaniment is just a pinch of salt and spiciness, with no cooking or other preparation."


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