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Going Green in Bavaria

Explore a sublime, preserved environment, a peaceful oasis where time seems to stand still. Set out to meet nature face-to-face and find utter relaxation in Bavaria’s warm hospitality and unique savoir-faire.

Going Green in Bavaria

Lake Tegernsee provides the backdrop for the Park-Hotel Egerner Höfe.

Explore a sublime, preserved environment, a peaceful oasis where time seems to stand still. Set out to meet nature face-to-face and find utter relaxation in Bavaria’s warm hospitality and unique savoir-faire.

Germany is an outstanding travel destination brimming with beauty, yet strangely underestimated. I had been dreaming of going back to the Alps for some time, to escape the routine and catch my breath. So I decided to head to Bavaria to explore the lesser-known, more traditional German Alps. And here we are, my partner and I, taking ten days on the Bavarian roads.

Step 1: Park Hotel Egerner Höfe

We begin our adventure with a delicately nostalgic establishment an hour from Munich. We are at the traditional property of Egerner Höfe, perfect for our first encounter with Bavaria. The premises are just minutes from Lake Tegernsee and the architecture, in colors that blend perfectly with the surroundings, leaves us open-mouthed in awe. We are even blessed with the chance to sample the culinary artistry of Chef Thomas Kellermann and his truly stunning fusion of textures.

The Park-Hotel Egerner Höfe is a romantic property in southern Germany blending alpine elegance with contemporary spirit.
A crackling central fireplace at the Dichterstub’n gourmet restaurant. - Roast Dover sole.
In the kitchen with Chef Thomas Kellermann, a man committed to sustainable, creative, local (within a 50-mile radius) cuisine. 
We leave picturesque Lake Tegernsee and the Park-Hotel Egerner Höfe, heading back onto Bavaria’s roads to find the Gut Steinbach hotel.

Step 2: Gut Steinbach Hotel & Chalets

To reach the Gut Steinbach hotel, we cross over a mountain pass, every turn of which reveals yet another incredible view, and we have now arrived in a veritable paradise lost. Chalets, lake, mountains, deer – the most authentic experience imaginable. We are surrounded by purity and tranquility, impressed by the interior décor and details, wrapped in the halo of warmth radiating from this establishment. This road trip gives us freedom to explore and a chance to learn more about the country and its culture. At every stop, we are amazed by the wooden architecture and rich detail of the chalets, as well as the hospitality of our Bavarian hosts, eager to share their savoir-faire.

The Gut Steinbach hotel and chalets are in the Chiemgau region on the Austrian border at an altitude of 2,300 feet. 
This traditional Upper Bavarian farm has been painstakingly renovated in the local architectural style. 
The Heimat restaurant’s cozy dining room.
The Heimat restaurant is run by Chef Achim Hack, who serves classic regional dishes, like smoked Lake Chiemsee charr or cep mushrooms gathered in the surrounding forests.
An entire garden in a single dish.
Small-scale sustainable breeding of deer, pigs, poultry, goats, and rabbits supplies the needs of the Heimat restaurant. - A small church hidden in the mountains. 
Views of the comfortable living room, warmed by a cheerful fire. 

Step 3: Landomantik Hotel Oswald

At long last, we head east of Munich to discover, hidden in the Bavarian forest, the Landromantik Hotel. Each property offers its own unique world, somehow suspended in time. The surrounding countryside is breathtaking, swathed in soft colors and heart-stirring light. This last hotel is a remarkable, subtle balance of traditional charm and contemporary chic. The terrace at the end of our room leads us directly to the outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room for some exquisite relaxation to conclude our road trip. Between the chalets, lakes, mountains, and deer, Bavaria is truly a paradise lost, quintessentially authentic.

The Landromantik Hotel Oswald is the perfect place to find hiking trails crisscrossing the surrounding Bavarian forest. A verdant panorama stretches as far as the eye can see.
The place is a world all its own, tucked away in a small Bavarian village, offering relaxation and a sumptuous spa. 
The theme of classic-meets-contemporary also finds expression in Chef Thomas Gerber’s cuisine.
In the wood-lined bar, we delight in sampling some of the region’s characteristic, old-style spirits. Enjoy the view of the outdoor pool from the ground-floor rooms. 
The contemporary decor is given a softer touch in the Kuschel Suite’s paneled rooms.
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