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Seeking Total Immersion

Eight destinations–found at the ends of the earth–take travel into a truly unprecedented dimension. Their isolated locales offer a unique perspective in space and time, all while offering deep immersions in restorative sleep, transcendent dining experiences, and once-in-a-lifetime activities.

Seeking Total Immersion

Titilaka, Puno, Peru

Eight destinations–found at the ends of the earth–take travel into a truly unprecedented dimension. Their isolated locales offer a unique perspective in space and time, all while offering deep immersions in restorative sleep, transcendent dining experiences, and once-in-a-lifetime activities.

More than that, amid these epic, unspoiled landscapes, dedicated hosts help guests embrace the intense, yet strangely comforting, solitude–the better to soak up the experience and forge unforgettable memories.



Play among the fjords

Hotel Union Øye, Norangsfjorden, Norway 

Downy white winters, and summers that reveal verdant slopes… Here, at the bottom of a glacier-carved fjord, stands an elegant building dating from 1891. In the evening, adventurers gather fireside within this refuge to dream. Early in the morning, the chill of the pure air spurs them onwards. They dress warmly as they head for the surrounding peaks, skis on their backs, taking in the immense landscape before gliding down the Sunnmørsalpane. 

Extras: the little houses, which are like the old traditional Cluster Farm houses in the west coast of Norway; the restaurant’s locavore approach of sourcing ingredients from the kitchen garden and local fishing spots.

© Pernille Holsvik Ingebrigtsen / Marøy & Klouda



Travel through time  

The Point, Saranac Lake, New York, United States

In northeastern New York State, engulfed in acres of Adirondack woodlands on Saranac Lake, the former William A. Rockefeller Great Camp retreat retains its original spirit. It still resonates as a family estate home where skiing, snowshoeing, curling, and ice skating set the pace for winter days. Log cabins and open fireplaces cast a softly intimate, refined atmosphere while evenings herald the house tradition: communal dining at formal hosted tables, offering exquisite culinary menus with wine pairings that change daily, an elegant way to make new acquaintances.

Extras: the 24-hour kitchen and self-service bars, where guests can prepare their own cocktails.  



Endless wonder

Anjajavy le Lodge, Madagascar 

Exclusively accessible by air, Anjajavy le Lodge is the picture of paradise, surrounded by clear waters on one side and a lush natural reserve on the other. In this Garden of Eden at the edge of the Mozambique Canal, each instant unfurls to the pace of your curiosity, or the footsteps of the attentive team. Your path will lead to an encounter with unusual wildlife–lemurs leaping from branch to branch–perhaps an authentic experience in the villages surrounding the estate, or the discovery of a hidden cove where you can relax on your own. 

Extras: the private tour of Maramba Bay to discover the coastline beauty, from the boat or under the sea.



A magnetic peninsula

Titilaka, Puno, Peru

Just a train ride south of Cusco, discover a private peninsula on the shore of Lake Titicaca, at an altitude of 12,470 feet/3,800 meters. Rooms, decorated in organic tones, focus the attention on the immense stretch of water sculpted by the sunlight. Conscientiously and sustainably rooted in the traditions of the Andes, Titilaka lives in total symbiosis with the soul of this land, which it shares with guests in surrealist escapades to the floating islands of the Uros people, to Inca ruins, or nights under the spectacular stars of Altiplano. 

Extras: Chef María Fé García’s creative, seasonal cuisine, prepared from locally sourced ingredients, nourishes the senses and heightens the authenticity of this journey.

© Right: Ivan Salinero



Untouched nature 

Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island, Canada

Perched at the topmost tip of the island’s eastern coast, like a futuristic ship on stilts, the Fogo Island Inn looks out across the Atlantic Ocean. Picture windows and binoculars make every room an observation post for passing icebergs and whales alike. Merging with the elements is a sensation that pervades every space of the inn, from the locally sourced ingredients in every dish to the open-air spa on the roof, where a heated whirlpool offers a 360-degree view. 

Extras: the in-house art gallery, opportunities to explore the footpaths with the locals, and the island’s seven seasons.

© Paddy Barry / Alex Fradkin



Heart of vastness

Awasi Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Chile

Waking up to the turquoise waters of Sarmiento Lake, snowy peaks in the distance, and then transforming the infinity of the horizon into an unforgettable adventure: such is the exceptional experience of this incomparable spot, nestled at the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Engage a private guide from Awasi to discover the Chilean steppe on foot or on horseback. Local fauna–condors and guanacos, not to mention the occasional puma–further enchant getaways from the known world. The path eventually leads back to your individual villa, where each adventurer sleeps under a sky sparkling with stars. 

Extras: the welcoming cocoon of each villa, perched on stilts, complete with open fireplace and outdoor wood-fuelled hot tub ; the dishes prepared by Chef Marco Antonio Salinas, using seasonal produce and local flavors.




The safari of a lifetime

Esiweni Safari Luxury Lodge, Ladysmith, South Africa

At the Nambiti Reserve, which stretches as far as the eye can see, there are just five suites that cling to the cliffside, overlooking the Sunday River, bush and savanna. This unique lodge is both secluded and awe-inspiring. The perfectly balanced magic spell continues with a safari at daybreak: guests are led by a very talented ranger to seek out the ‘Big Five’, as well as cheetahs and rhinoceroses. The spectacle extends into sunset, best admired from the private terrace. 

Extras: the traditional elegance of the suites and the exclusive dining experience under the starry sky of the bush.



Aquatic rejuvenation

Sonora Resort, Sonora Island, Canada

Sea lions accompany your excursion into the Discovery Island archipelago, and a dock welcomes your first steps onto land. This resort on Sonora Island nestles among towering trees where life resonates with the water and the wild. Exploration goes with the flow of salmon fishing or becomes a far-flung adventure in search of orcas and whales, with days finishing at the spa for treatments using seaweed and salt from the Pacific Ocean. 
Extras: a sense of multi-sensory well-being, thanks to the local cookery of Chef Justine Smith and the property’s oceanside mineral swimming pools.

© Joann Pai

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