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Ferragamo’s treasured Il Borro

Il Borro is a place where the past, present and future all come together in beautiful surroundings, it is the ultimate mash-up of a "borgo" turned country-estate resort and a wellness retreat.

Ferragamo’s treasured Il Borro

We made a tour through the vineyards of the Ferragamo family, in Il Borro, and learned they only use sustainable agriculture, this means natural fertilizers and no pesticides.

Il Borro is a place where the past, present and future all come together in beautiful surroundings, it is the ultimate mash-up of a "borgo" turned country-estate resort and a wellness retreat.

The estate dates back to 1254 but from the mid-fifties, Il Borro passed to Duke Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, and in 1993 the Duke sold the entire property to Ferruccio Ferragamo. Since then, he has worked every day to preserve Il Borro’s beauty and integrity, a task he carries out with relentless passion, aware that treasures such as Il Borro have to be protected and safeguarded. Immaculately manicured gardens, an art gallery, spectacular dining, a unique winery, stables, spa facilities, luxury suites and villas are spread out over the 700-hectare estate in the heart of Tuscany, collectively creating an unforgettable experience.

Il Borro is a world on its own: when you arrive through its grand gate, you can get lost in the world the Ferragamo family created. Leave your car at reception and take the shuttle which will bring you over the antique bridge to the medieval village where your neighbors are various craft workshops and shops, such as Palaia (shoe making) and Oro del Borro (jewelry-making). Once here, you feel you’re living in a different century: a quiet valley, beautiful views over the Tuscan hillside and endless activities including horseback riding, truffle hunting, cooking classes, relaxing at the spa or taking a guided excursion to the nearby cities of Florence or Siena.

View from the famous and historical bridge Ponte Vecchio in Florence where you can find old jewelers and goldsmith shops from the 13th century

From almost everywhere in the city, you can spot The Santa Maria del Fiore, the most famous Catholic cathedral in Florence

Arriving at Il Borro immediately feels like an experience, while driving up the long and impressive driveway

In the heart of the estate you can find The Dimora, a historic villa

The stone bridge brings you to the medieval village where the suites and shops are located­­­-it’s the heart of the hotel

The living room in The Dimora where you can find a piano which was once owned by Chopin

One of the suites where you can find beautiful antiques

An early morning walk through the medieval town

Left: Eight meters underground you can experience a wine tasting tour that links tradition with the modern, and that is the place where you can taste the fine vino
Right: In the family’s famous wine cellars you can learn about the traditional ways of wine making

Left: The walk to reception takes you through the beautiful gardens
Right: The outdoor swimming pool with views over the Tuscan countryside

One of our favorite places, the stables

Left: Views over the estate from the medieval town
Right: The streets of the charming village

Left: In the medieval town you can even find a little church
Right: The indoor swimming pool
Left: The stunning gardens
Right: One of the many little houses located around the property

Sunsets make Il Borro turn pink

Osteria del Borro is a gourmet restaurant, led by Chef Andrea Campani

The light-filled restaurant is elegantly decorated-the open kitchen gives you a peek into the kitchen activities

Left: Andrea Campani’s team getting ready for dinner
Right: Herbs from the Osteria del Borro’s own garden

Pictures: © Arturo Bamboo



  • Il Borro, San Giustino Valdarno, Italy 
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