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Wonderful chocolate

With the easter week-end right around the corner, let us guide you through ten great places where you can discover chocolate under all its forms.

Wonderful chocolate

With the easter week-end right around the corner, let us guide you through ten great places where you can discover chocolate under all its forms.

1. Langdon Hall, Canada

Designed by Executive Chef Jason Bangerter and Pastry Chef Rachel Nicholson at Cacao Barry’s Or Noir in Paris, Langdon Hall's new signature chocolate, Terroir, and chocolate recipes focus on smokiness, warmth, tradition and land. The dark chocolate is bitter and the milk chocolate creamy. On the menu in the restaurant for dinner is a dessert of 40% Terroir au lait, black cocoa sablé and passionfruit, while on the tasting menu the dessert, “Terroir Noir” includes 70% Dark Chocolate Crémeux, Mulled Cranberry and Crispy Chicken Skin.



2. Blackberry Farm, United States

In the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, at this traditional farm in Tennessee, you’ll get to taste traditionally Southern cuisine, with a modern twist. End dinner in the barn with an olive and Sinclair chocolate tart that features a white chocolate and coffee cream; or a butter pecan ice-cream that includes a chocolate brownie, malt cream and bourbon caramel. The Sheep’s Milk Bavarian consists of Foggy Ridge cider, apples, white chocolate and pie dough. At the dogwood restaurant, try the cake of the day - a dark chocolate with vanilla frosting.



3. Sol y Luna, Peru

Sample the chocolates of South America at Sol y Luna in the mountains Urubamba. On the menu here are treats such as Chocolate truffles, coulis of tree tomatoes and ice cream of aromatic herbs; Chocolate filled with passion fruit and caramel ice cream; and Kiwicha cannelloni filled with aguaymanto, served with chocolate flan and plum coulis.



4. Restaurante Arzak, Spain

From the creative and innovative team of chefs at Restaurante Arzak, at the top of a hill in San Sebastián, Spain, savour a delicious array of aromas from across the world, including tamarind, hibiscus, rhubarb, mango skin, coconut, roasted chocolate and liquorice powder. The restaurant is listed in The World's 50 Best Restaurants, which claims that “a special feature of many of the dishes is the crunchy element – dishes such as Big Chocolate Truffle with candyfloss, carob, cacao and chocolate have a range of textures, including the signature crunch.”



5. Clarance Hotel Lille, France

At Clarance Hotel Lille, at the heart of Vieux Lille, France, Michelin-starred chef Thibaut Gamba creates a new menu each week. Some of the chocolaty treats featured are the dessert, L’Éclair en Nord with fresh nuts and chocolate, while at breakfast you can try one of the organic cereals with Terre Maya – black chocolate, Brazil nuts, grains, chia and amarantes; or sip hot chocolate made with pure original Tanzanian chocolate.



6. Hotel Heritage, Belgium

Bruges has more than 50 passionate chocolatiers and is considered a genuine chocolate laboratory, with both established names and fresh up-and-coming talent pushing chocolate to new heights. Explore the city from your base at Hotel Heritage, situated near Bruges' Market Square. At the Restaurant Le Mystique, try the dessert of banana ice cream with Cognac, flan of Jivara Chocolade and citrus fruit, created by Chefregory Slembrouck.



7. In Lain Hotel Cadonau, Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of the world’s finest chocolate and here, surrounded by mountains in Brail Switzerland, In Lain Hotel Cadonau has its own patisserie. All desserts are freshly prepared in-house every day. End your meal with a sweet temptation, such as the lukewarm chocolate cake on pear compote and pear sorbet, or banana chocolate caramel cake with sea buckthorn ice-cream, and find delicious homemade chocolates in your suite.



8. Manfredi, Italy

In the Manfredi’s Aroma restaurant, take in unparalleled views of ancient Rome along with chocolaty desserts, like the Dark chocolate browing with salted caramel ice cream, caramel popcorn and peanuts; Coconut sphere with an apricot heart on a white chocolate crumble; or the Beetroot cake with salsify ice cream, white chocolate “Semifreddo” and crunchy biscuit.



9. Borgo dei Conti Resort, Italy

From Borgo dei Conti Resort, in the countryside of Umbria, go on a chocolate adventure at the Chocolate House of Perugina, with a tasting only a few steps from the hotel. “A rich route from the Historical Museum explains through images, curiosity, packaging and films more than a century of the Italian art of chocolate, from raw materials to the processing techniques,” says Giorgio Mereu, the maître de maison.



10. Anjajavy l'Hôtel, Madagascar

Madagascar is known for producing top quality cocoa and has its own bean-to-bar chocolate factories, making especially dark chocolates from naturally grown organic cacao. Take home local chocolates purchased in town or savour some of the desserts at Anjajavy le Lodge from Malagasy Chef, Rebassy Cressent. For instance, the lime and chocolate mousse charlotte or the banana croquet with chocolate and panacotta in a glass.

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