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Hotel Dollenberg
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Hotel Dollenberg

Germany, Bad Peterstal - Griesbach


Hotel Dollenberg (Baden-Württemberg)

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89 Rooms
“A fairytale clearing in the Black Forest”
Maître de Maison - Meinrad Schmiederer

In the guest book of the Hotel Dollenberg, one visitor wrote: “What a shame you can’t cuddle a hotel.” This hotel offers a hospitable atmosphere and excellent service, both of which engender such warm feelings. The relaxing treatments in the spa, the magical dinners in romantic forest clearings of Bad Peterstal and the delightful landscapes of the Black Forest all make for a wonderful stay. Chef Martin Herrmann, the figurehead of the Dollenberg, focuses on the elements which are absolutely indispensable for the dishes. He creates an inventive cuisine inspired by France and the Baden terroir.

Hotel Dollenberg

Unique in the world:

The magical dinners in romantic forest clearings.

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