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France is known for its quality of life and diversity and is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world. Its reputation is based on fine food, heritage and landscape and it attracts nature lovers and anyone with an interest in architecture from the past.

Geographically, France occupies an unusual position in the European jigsaw. Its pivotal position as being both continental and Mediterranean, maritime and Alpine, allows it to attract large numbers of visitors. Its political and religious history has bequeathed it a multitude of treasures: Mont Saint-Michel, the Châteaux of the Loire, Versailles, cathedrals… Paris, the capital of luxury, enjoys a worldwide reputation, with the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysées as leading attractions. France boasts a varied and bounteous countryside. The perched villages of Provence are very different from the wild Breton coasts, as are the Burgundy vineyards from the Basque mountains, the Alpine peaks from the plains of Alsace. And yet one common denominator links all these varied regions: gastronomy, the cutting edge of the art of living French-style.

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