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Relais & Châteaux is a world in and of itself, unlike any other. A warm, welcoming, gourmet affair awaits where outstanding quality is coupled with each individual property's passion for their own region and its terroir.
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The art of giving Relais & Châteaux with our CRÉATION Gift vouchers and Gift boxes. If you want to spend a magical evening in stunning surroundings in absolute tranquility or enjoy a gourmet dinner at a restaurant of one of our Grands Chefs, there are more than 300 Relais & Châteaux properties awaiting the lucky receipients of this gift, to offer them a truly memorable experience.
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Relais & Châteaux offers you a veritable world tour. Whatever the occasion, however long you stay, each of our hotels will offer you the very best of its culture and region.
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When you experience Relais & Châteaux, you experience a whole array of sensations. Each of our properties offers the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled range of sensory experiences, where the beauty of a particular place, the warmth of the hospitality and the quality of the cuisine are in perfect harmony. Scents and tastes, landscapes and colours make every stay a rare and intense experience.
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Discover the excellent cuisine served in our properties: traditional or contemporary, it never fails to be wonderfully creative. This creativity is recognised throughout the world, as our Grands Chefs are considered to be the pinnacle of fine dining.

Press Room

Press Room

The Route du Bonheur, The 2010 collection of Relais & Châteaux road maps

“The Route du Bonheur will go round the world one day”, prophesied an ad in the 1950s for the Relais de Campagne. From Paris to the Côte d’Azur, this itinerary linked up a small number of exclusive stop-overs: charming inns in the heart of exceptional landscapes that shared a liking for elegance, fine dining and a warm welcome.

The author behind this audacious claim was not to know how accurate he was: Relais de Campagne, now Relais & Châteaux, today boast almost 500 members in exceptional settings around the globe. Since last year this adventure spanning more than half a century has once again taken up the Route du Bonheur.

The Relais & Châteaux Route du Bonheur is a collection of road maps that are intended as an invitation to travel and should be kept in your travel bag. Produced in partnership with Michelin, they enable travellers in search of sophisticated adventures to put together à la carte itineraries interspersed with exclusive stop-overs. The first three road maps were published in 2009 (France and Benelux, Spain and Portugal, Italy) and were updated for 2010. They have been joined by three new ones: United Kingdom and Ireland, Germany and Austria, USA and Canada. Furthermore, the Italy map now also includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

In each of these six maps, the road network is punctuated with little yellow and red rectangles (that indicate the presence of one of the Grands Chefs Relais & Châteaux) identifying the Association’s hotels and restaurants. A number reference means the user can immediately locate the property’s address at the side of the map as well as in the renowned white Guide with its gold embossed fleur de lys.

Some of these maps are in two languages (French/English for France, German/English for Germany/Austria), three languages (Spanish/Portuguese/English for Spain/Portugal), and some are even in four languages (Italian/French/German/English for Italy/Switzerland/Liechtenstein). The print-run of these road maps, on average 50,000, may be as high as 200,000. The road maps for Spain/Portugal and the United Kingdom/Ireland include itineraries that take in Relais & Châteaux and attractions that are an absolute must: nature, culture, wines and fine dining, with contact details and photos of Relais & Châteaux.

You won’t find these road maps in a bookshop. The Route du Bonheur is not for sale. It doesn’t cost anything as it has no price. It is available free of charge in each of the countries concerned in the Maisons des Relais & Châteaux; some copies are also available from our members. They are yet another of the attentive gestures of our member properties. Like a knowing wink and an invitation to share the values on which the unique identity of Relais & Châteaux is founded.

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About Relais & Châteaux:

Relais & Châteaux is an exclusive collection of 480 of the finest charming hotels and gourmet restaurants in 58 countries.

Established in France in 1954, the Association’s mission is to spread its unique art de vivre across the globe by selecting outstanding properties with a truly unique character.

Furthermore, Relais & Châteaux is also a family of hoteliers and Grands Chefs from all over the world who share a passion for and a personal commitment to ensuring their guests are privy to moments of exceptional harmony, an unforgettable celebration of the senses.

From the vineyards in Napa valley to the beaches in Bali, from the olive trees in Provence to the lodges in South Africa, Relais & Châteaux offers all the stops on the finest route for discovering each special place and country.

The Relais & Châteaux signature reflects this ambition: “ALL AROUND THE WORLD, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD”.

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