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Relais & Châteaux es un mundo en sí, un mundo diverso. Un mundo acogedor, amable y gourmet, en el que la exigencia de máxima calidad común a nuestros afiliados se une la pasión por su establecimiento y por el territorio que lo acoge.
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El arte de regalar Relais & Châteaux con nuestros Cheques y Cofres regalo CRÉATION. Para disfrutar de un fi n de semana encantador en un escenario excepcional, de una estancia alejada del mundo o de una cena gastronómica en la mesa de uno de nuestros Grands Chefs, más de 300 establecimientos de Relais & Châteaux acogen a las personas que haya elegido para regalarles una experiencia inolvidable.
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Descubran una auténtica vuelta al mundo, por la colección de Relais & Châteaux. Sea cual sea la ocasión o la duración de su estancia, cada establecimiento le ofrecerá lo mejor de su cultura y su región.
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Vivir una experiencia Relais & Châteaux significa vivir nuevas sensaciones. Cada una de nuestras casas le invita a explorar una variedad incomparable de sensaciones, en la que la belleza del lugar, la calidez de la acogida y la calidad de la cocina se conjugan a la perfección. Aromas y sabores, paisajes y colores hacen que cada estancia se convierta en una vivencia única e intensa.
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Descubran nuestra excelente oferta gastronómica, clásica o contemporánea pero siempre creativa y sorprendente. Una creatividad reconocida en todo el mundo, ya que nuestros Grands Chefs forman parte de la élite de la gastronomía mundial.

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Wanakarn Beach Resort & Spa.

Hotel y restaurante a orillas del mar. Tailandia,Thai Muang

Requete : [declare myClobVar varchar2(32767) := '{ "data": [ { "id": "257666436", "lang": "en", "location_id": "2395011", "published_date": "2015-03-04T11:43:24-0500", "rating": 5, "type": "review", "ratingImageUrl": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/img/cdsi/img2/ratings/traveler/s5.0-21400-5.png", "url": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g2237680-d2395011-r257666436-m21400-Wanakarn_Beach_Resort_Spa-Thai_Mueang_Phang_Nga_Province.html#review257666436", "trip_type": "En pareja", "travel_date": "2015-02", "text": "If you are traveling to a beach resort in Thailand, I can''t imagine a better experience than the Wanakarn. \n\nWe stayed 3 nights, and could have done more. \n\nOur visit began with a pickup from the airport in the Wanakarn''s Mercedes, with a refreshing juice drink and cool towels to make the drive to Wanakarn as stress free as possible. It''s approximately 40 min north of the Phuket Airport, which may seem off the beaten path, it is, but it is worth it. I''m not sure some of the resorts on the southern end of Phuket wouldn''t be the same travel time with all the traffic. The benefit to Wanakarn, is it is the resort and not much else from a touristy standpoint. \n\nUpon arrival, we checked in and were taken to our room. As you will see on the website and in person the rooms are remarkable, with a large living area, open to the bedroom area, and then connecting in an L shape to the bathroom/closet are. In the middle of the L is the private plunge pool and a pair of reclining chairs with a canopy that can be opened or retracted, depending on the amount of sun you want. There is an outdoor shower, as well as an indoor one.. Although the outdoor one is good for rinsing off, I think you''ll use the indoor one primarily. \n\nThe room is stocked with an espresso machine, which in many ways works like a nespresso machine, but is double the size and is slightly different to use. We had fresh fruit, as well as wine and prosecco delivered at check-in, due to our Relais & Chateaux 5C membership (note-they ask for the card if you are going). The fruit was refreshed daily and as we happened to be their for Chinese New Year, was augmented by a delivery of 5 oranges. \n\nThe food program at the resort was very good, and I found that exploring the Thai menu was the most exciting for me, as it was the most well prepared Thai food we had on our trip. There were a couple of pages devoted to a more \"western\" menu, but we tried to keep it local. \n\nPrior to dinner, many guests relax with a drink and a view of the sunset before sitting down to dinner. I would encourage an exploration of their specialty cocktails as we found a number of good choices. \n\nDuring our time at the resort, we had the occasion to talk to Frode, the general manager who makes sure everything is running exemplary for his guests. Truly a really good GM working to make his resort one of the best in the region. With a small amount of guest villas (14?), they almost have an uncanny way of knowing what you did, etc. And check in to make sure everything was ok.\n\nAnother great resource during our time, was Ken, the sports/activity trainer. As we like to stay active, he was more than willing to go out on the bikes (2 mountain bikes are provided with each villa) and see the surrounding area. On one day, we biked over to a nearby temple that was going through some sort of consecration ceremony and drawing Buddhist pilgrims from all over Thailand, and on another day, we biked to the turtle sanctuary with Ken and stopped for lunch at George''s, a local beach bar, specializing in pizzas. Ken offered to kayak with us as well, and I think he was a bit disappointed that we got out on them one morning before he had a chance to join us.\n\nAs mentioned there are a lot of places to relax, the main pool, the beachfront to the inlet, and then a short boat ride to the main beach on the ocean. One of the nice things about this resort is that the main beach is protected seashore and is water locked, so unless someone had a boat, and a reason to go over there, you will never see anyone else on the beach except guests of the Wanakarn. It''s a nice beach with crystal waters although not much at the beach for a snorkeler. \n\nThe resorts beach crew ferries you over to the beach at the drop of a hat, and it''s hardly a bother. They also provide service to the beach side and bring over a complementary cooler of water and fresh fruit periodically during the day.\n\nThe kayaking down the waterway was interesting - we kayaked over to the temple and then followed the waterway for a bit as it headed inland. There were also some canals that you could take to see some other rural parts of the property.\n\nThere is security at the resort, and I never tired of having the security guards click their heels together and salute as we biked past them. However having ventured into the village of Thai Muang, I cannot see the necessity as it seemed a very peaceful village.\n\nAs mentioned we would have gladly stayed an extra day or two. It was really, really nice staying there, and having taken a day trip to Phuket, I was glad we were staying where we were. (And wished we hadn''t wasted a day off property).\n\nAll in all, I can strongly recommend this resort as a really good option for a beach holiday for a couple, honeymoon, etc. Very quiet, very peaceful.", "user": { "username": "ColdCava", "user_location": { "name": "Pittsburgh, PA", "id": null } }, "title": "Wonderful relaxing resort", "subratings": {} }, { "id": "256551581", "lang": "en", "location_id": "2395011", "published_date": "2015-02-26T12:44:15-0500", "rating": 5, "type": "review", "ratingImageUrl": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/img/cdsi/img2/ratings/traveler/s5.0-21400-5.png", "url": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g2237680-d2395011-r256551581-m21400-Wanakarn_Beach_Resort_Spa-Thai_Mueang_Phang_Nga_Province.html#review256551581", "trip_type": "En pareja", "travel_date": "2015-02", "text": "We had a five night stay booked in Feb that we extended to nine nights due to an issue with other accommodation on our trip. We had also stayed in the Wanakarn the previous March.\n\nFrode the Wanakarn’s Norwegian GM is a star, we contacted him about bringing forward our arrival date due to an issue with our current accommodation, Frode sprang into action and confirmed they could accommodate us and could send a car that evening to collect us if we wanted, with a real and genuine concern that we minimise the impact to our holiday.\n\nWithin a couple of hours we were in the comfy confines of the Wanakarn''s S Class Mercedes and on route.\n\nWe were warmly greeted on arrival as repeat guests at reception, given a whistle stop tour of the resort on the way to our villa with simple checks that we remembered where the fitness suites, spa, business facility’s, shop and on site nurses office were. Once we got to the room the checking was as easy with our passports and card taken for processing, and returned to us while at the bar about fifteen minutes later, one very nice point was that we were reminded that our villa was the mirror image of the one we stayed in last year and not to get confused in the night and bump into anything and hurt our selves.\n\nWe received an equally warm reception in the bar / dinning area from the F&B team, with Frode coming over while doing his evening check in with the guests to ensure we were okay and happy with our room. With the same concern that all was well and that it was good to have us back from the executive chef “Jib”.\n\nAll in all it was a thoroughly pleasant and heartfelt welcome back to the Wanakarn.\n\nOn to the resort its self, The Wanakarn is a small resort, 14 detached pool villas laid out in pairs with a adjoining doors in the pool areas allowing lager groups to be accommodated. The pools while not large enough for laps, allow private sunbathing and keeping cool if the main pool or either beach is not your cup of tea.\nThe villas are well appointed with TV / Blu Ray player and stereo, espresso machine. The AC is an indirect affair and allows the villa to remain cool without direct cold air being blown onto you and it’s very quiet in its operation. I think that the only thing that would improve the villas would be having a separate living and sleeping area rather than being open plan as this would allow early risers to take tea or coffee without impacting their partner. House keeping manage to perform the magic of keeping the room clean and replenished with towels etc. without being seen and lovely chocolates each night on turndown.\n\nThe main pool is easily large enough for laps and has sunbeds on one side with 10-12 beds, which are spaced quite closely together but with small “hedges” in between to allow for privacy, this was never a real issue as during our time there I don’t think more than 6 pool beds including ours were ever occupied. I spoke with Frode about the beds and he advised me there are some plans in place to rejuvenate and expand the pool decking area.\n\nThere are two beaches, one in front of the pool & bar / dining areas, set on a tidal river inlet with a sprinkling of beds and shades. The second, ocean beach is a short boat ride across the river. The second beach is staffed from morning to sunset and drinks and food can be ordered and delivered by boat as needed. As these are made freshly to order you might want to allow a little longer than if ordering around the pool.\n\nWith the choice of villa pool, main pool, river or ocean beach it’s hard to imagine a situation where you couldn’t find somewhere to relax in the sun while staying here. Another nice little touch is the regular cool boxes that are delivered while you are sunning yourself which contain cold water, cold towels and fresh fruit which seem arrive every 2 or so hours.\n\nThe open air bar / dining area is well stocked and staffed, with some great food options, I can personally recommend the Wagyu Steak and Eggs, Wanton Soup or Thai Omelette for breakfast. For lunch there are a number of western and Thai options none of which have disappointed. This is reflected in the evening menu, Frode took great delight in telling me of the six-month quest to perfect the BBQ sauce for the comfort ribs Jib and he added to the menu this year, be warned these are real cave man sized comfort food ribs.\n\nOne of the many assets of the Wanakarn is Jib the executive chef, who is keen to meet all the guests, tailor the menu to their tastes and dietary requirements and shows her passion for all things food and shares her experiences of working in some of the top kitchens around the world.\n\nTwo instances of this spring to mind.\nOne when I accidentally mentioned to Frode on our arrival that it was our wedding anniversary, Jib and he managed to get a special desert created for us with no notice.\nThe second was when Jib asked if there was anything we would like not on the menu we joked being English our national dish is now curry and how was she with Indian food. “Oh – No!” Jib cried but she didn’t bat an eyelid and said she would go shopping for ingredients later in the week. A few days later Jib reminded us and said their pastry chef was working on our Nan breads and it was “curry” night. The food was a great Indian / Thai fusion and more than met our expectations, my wife is convinced that the dishes should be added to the permanent menu.\n\nThe staff are a true credit to the resort, with a large number of them from the local area with little prior experience of the F&B service industry, with a smaller number of staff coming from Cambodia with more formal F&B training. The way the staff support each other and look to cross train shows a clear commitment to improving their skills.\nSo yes as some other reviewers have noted there are sometimes some communication issues but I have never felt these have impacted our experience, Frode has managed to create a team that care passionately about the guest experience, building a relationship and rapport with guests rather that simply serving them and the team to a man (and woman) seem to take it as a personal failure if they can’t meet the guests needs.\n\nDuring our stay I believe at times the Wanakarn was close to capacity but apart from noticing a few more tables at dinner you would think it was at fifty percent occupancy at most.\n\nOther reviewers have noted that one thing they would change is some additional dining areas to prevent having to take all meals in the same area, which is a fair comment and I have seen more tables being moved our to the river side decking to give diners a different option in the evening, its also worth noting that there is a air conditioned dining room available at request should you want to eat out of the heat. Personally my wife and I accept that if you stay in a small hideaway boutique resort with capacity of ~32 guests that multiple F&B outlets are an unrealistic expectation.\n\nOne of the great things we noticed on coming back to the Wanakarn was the personal development of some of the staff that where perhaps a little shy or had difficulty with English on our first visit now seeming to have come our of their shells and being much more comfortable in there guest interactions. We look forward to seeing more of this on our next visit.\n\nTalking of staff we cant fail to mention Mr Frode Sund the general manager, having spoken with Frode many times I know he has a history of managing these small hideaway luxury boutique resorts, his passion as a hotelier and for his guests experience is very clear, you’ll find Frode checking in with his guests with a light touch during the day, over dinner or drinks, or simply taking coffee at the bar and shooting the breeze. Making sure that all is well with their stay, passing on details of the local area for those wishing to “escape” paradise and see the local temples or towns. The way in which he sprang into action when we told him about our earlier accommodation woes is just one small indication of his passion and professionalism but one that will stay with my wife and myself for a long time.\n\nI’ll close by saying that if small barefoot luxury is what you are looking for then I think the Wanakarn is the place for you, if you are looking for chic, modern, technologies laden villas and starched service then think again and give the Wanakarn a try I think its natural friendly and relationship driven service will win you round.", "user": { "username": "Simon_Morgan", "user_location": { "name": "Londres, Reino Unido", "id": "186338" } }, "title": "Wanakarn – Five Star Hideaway Luxury.", "subratings": { "Ubicación": "5", "Servicio": "5", "Habitaciones": "5" } }, { "id": "252225656", "lang": "en", "location_id": "2395011", "published_date": "2015-02-02T09:13:09-0500", "rating": 5, "type": "review", "ratingImageUrl": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/img/cdsi/img2/ratings/traveler/s5.0-21400-5.png", "url": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g2237680-d2395011-r252225656-m21400-Wanakarn_Beach_Resort_Spa-Thai_Mueang_Phang_Nga_Province.html#review252225656", "trip_type": "En familia", "travel_date": "2014-12", "text": "My family and & I spent Christmas at the Wanakarn after a long and exhausting year. If you want peace & quiet and complete relaxation - look no further. \nThe property is literally in the middle of nowhere and the nearest ''shanty town'' is around 8km''s away. Upon arrival you are given your own bicycle to use within the grounds of the hotel or outside - and if you are fair weather cyclists like us, it will take you around 20 minutes to get into town. Just remember you have to cycle back!!! Alternatively, use the hotel car!! Upon reaching the town there is a Tesco!!! Any odds or ends you have forgotten, here is the place to shop.\nThe hotel is set in lush grounds and there are 15 one bed villas & one two bedroom villa. The villas have been built in twos'' with an adjoining gate. This was perfect for us as we needed two rooms. All rooms are all identical - and are very nicely furnished with a day bed (3rd bed if you have a child) seating area, desk, TV and everything else that you would expect. The bathroom is spacious with plenty of cupboards and hanging space although its pretty casual here so its not necessary to dress up.\nEach room has a small private pool with sun loungers so if you want complete privacy, you won''t need to leave your villa.\nThe staff are incredibly helpful and want to please. English is a bit of a problem and quite a lot gets lost in the translation - however if you have any special dietary requirements, ask to speak directly with the head chef - she worked in the Mandarin Oriental in London before going to the Wanakarn so her English is perfect and you will get exactly what you ordered. Nothing is too much trouble for her and I think she likes to get the opportunity to speak with the guests.\nThe beach is beautiful and accessed by a one minute boat ride across the river - available all day, at any time. Fresh cold bottled water and a plates of fruit are provided throughout the day in ice boxes which is a nice little touch. The only drawback is there is no toilet on the beach. The beach is unspoilt and more of less empty other than a handful of other guests and staff. The sun loungers are solid and comfortable with nice big soft towels, and sun umbrellas are available.\nService is a little slow on the beach but the way to beat the system is order well in advance and you won''t be waiting. Alternatively, if you know what you want and when you want it - pre order it and it will come on time. The Club Sandwich really is worth the wait!!\nThe General Manager, Frode, is very much hands on and genuinley wants you to have a remarkable stay - nothing is too much trouble for him and he will facilitate anything you want/need. He definitely has his ear to the ground and knows the minute anything goes slightly wrong - and can be seen doing everything he can to rectify the situation - a small problem is just as important as a big problem to him - and nothing is unsolvable.\nThe Wanakarn lives up to its reputation of being a hideaway resort. If you are looking to unwind and relax in a paradise setting with excellent food and wines, then this is the place for you.", "user": { "username": "Soozywong", "user_location": { "name": "Londres, Reino Unido", "id": "186338" } }, "title": "Perfect for a complete recharge", "subratings": { "Ubicación": "5", "Relación calidad-precio": "5", "Servicio": "5" } }, { "id": "249691701", "lang": "en", "location_id": "2395011", "published_date": "2015-01-17T08:50:53-0500", "rating": 5, "type": "review", "ratingImageUrl": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/img/cdsi/img2/ratings/traveler/s5.0-21400-5.png", "url": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g2237680-d2395011-r249691701-m21400-Wanakarn_Beach_Resort_Spa-Thai_Mueang_Phang_Nga_Province.html#review249691701", "trip_type": "En pareja", "travel_date": "2014-12", "text": "Don''t go, if you do not cherish isolation. Go, if you really want to get away from it all, but be pampered all the same.\n\nOn first visual impressions, this place may not necessarily win over the discerning traveler. It is not styled to the extreme. In fact, upon arrival and before getting a chance to speak with the very approachable and friendly general manager, I was convinced that the buildings had been erected about 20 years ago and had been well taken care of and updated over time. This is due both to the fact that the villas (it is an all villa hotel) could easily be just a tad bit larger and boast a separate living room and bedroom, which they don''t, and the choice of materials and execution of workmanship. The grouting of the slate tiles on the terrace and around the pool could be more professional (it is crumbling, the plunge pool leaks a bit), the choice of wallpaper in parts of the living quarters and the bathroom could be less old-fashioned. The place to me seemed too late nineties (think Royal Palm Mauritius before the renovation), the drawers of the too tight and small walk-in closet space (in the bathroom) are poorly executed, much better and sturdier mechanisms are around now. Apparently, the Thai architect building all this in 2010 wanted it this way; I would have preferred a bit more attention to longevity of materials, truly functional and practical room design and up-to-date design touches, but hey... \n\nAll these \"points\" became minor or even negligible within a very short time after arrival. The location is fantastic, since you are (if you want to be, I was surprised how many guests spent whole days within the confines of their villas) on a completely private beach. There is no music, there is just the sound of waves, wind, birds etc. You can watch the hermit crabs walk about. To get there, you take the hotel shuttle boat across the river which separates the hotel from the beach. This is quite unique in that the hotel has a beach on the river, and across the river the actual beach. River and beach front run parallel, quite charming. This fact increases the feeling of seclusion on the beach. That said, you still have loungers, umbrellas, towels and great service. \n\nService is one of the key elements of what made our stay so fantastic. Whilst you are on the beach, cold water, cold towels and a bit of fresh fruit is delivered to you at noon, 2pm and 4pm. You don''t ask for it, it just arrives. If you wish to order food or drink from the restaurant, someone will bring you a menu and deliver the ordered goods to you within about 45 minutes. Allow a bit of time here and there, all food and drink is made fresh just for you. I will comment further on service a (long) bit further down.\n\nWhen you are on the beach, you do not encounter anyone other than other hotel guests, which can''t be many as the hotel is small, maximum about 36 guests, if all villas (of which 15 are identical) plus the one grand two bedroom villa are booked and two couples bring a kid each. As far as your eyes will let you see, you see just sand, trees and ocean (in either direction). Occasionally, a fisherman or fisherwoman can be found fishing by the river or where the river joins the sea (about 10 min. stroll on the beach to the right of the resort). If you stroll along the beach to the left for about 30 minutes, you will find a temple hidden in the woods behind the beach; occasionally, local families play on the beach there. This is about all that happens on the beach. We loved it, true paradise (service included).\n\nThe landscaping of the grounds is great in that a lot of mature and beautiful vegetation can be found on the premises. The concrete walkways (also used by housekeeping buggies etc.) bothered me a bit, as they also reminded me of eighties in the tropics. Some natural stone and cleverer, more up to date design (see Twin Palms Hotel or typical Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons walkways in the tropics, for example) would do the grounds some good. Give it a few years, the newly planted shrubs, bushes etc. will blend in even more nicely with the existing mature trees. Overall, the landscaping appears as relaxed as the rest of the resort makes you feel. To be sure, my slight criticism is perhaps a bit indulgent and focused on the direct visual impact. It all \"feels\" calming and relaxing because it is relaxed.\n\nExcept for a view villas, you do not see the river or the beach from your living room. Those facing the beach are also closer to the communal areas. You might enjoy the view but hear more from the restaurant and pool area. 1202 has the best view (of the standard villas) but is also closest to the pool and the river beach, so your pick on preferences! Air con in the rooms is great, since indirect, so it never blows right onto you.\n\nBed linens, mattress, overall cleanliness, amenities, fruit basket etc. were fantastic. I do have a pet point: I would love a kitchen and bar corner which is not placed right opposite the bed. In fact, the reason I would much prefer a separate living and bedroom area is all about this. I stay up later and get up later than the better half. So the morning coffee, if enjoyed at the significant other''s convenience, will wake me up. We love espresso machines in the room (we even book rooms for that alone occasionally), because we don''t have to call room service, wait for it and then have their bell wake me up anyway. But for that the coffee maker (which incidentally makes a huge ruckus) needs to be out of my sleeping ear''s earshot. And the bar could be better stocked; some milk for my coffee when I get up, some decent wine. I did get over it, no worries.\n\nFood is great, fresh and surprisingly varied for a small resort. Beef is only Wagyu, fantastic. The Thai executive chef did a great job both on Thai and non-Thai fare. The a-la-carte breakfast choices are huge. And if what you want is not there, it will be made for you. Allow time for breakfast (and all other eating occasions), since even breakfast is a-la-carte and freshly prepared for you. If you cannot find exactly what you want on the menu, there is great flexibility. Chat to the executive chef, she will go out of her way to make you just what the doctor ordered. I only missed real porridge (the one on the menu is a concoction of musli and flakes).\n\nAfter at the latest two days, the staff (of which there is plenty, about 110, I am told) will anticipate your needs (unless of course, these are totally different every day). Would you like us to move a table for you into your preferred corner? No problem. Would you like your freshly squeezed green apple and carrot juice (with just a bit of ginger), just like yesterday? Poached egg on brown toast, same as always? Service was very personal, extremely attentive and quite obviously always designed to make you feel as well as any service could make you feel. Sure, English was a bit of a hurdle here or there, but there was no lack of trying. It was always obvious that everyone had the best possible intentions, tiny glitches in performance were more easily forgiven than almost anywhere else I have ever been, because of the obviously good intentions. As an example: one day, I ordered food on the beach at about 1pm, and it took just about 2hrs for it to get to me. This, at the time, was actually a bit annoying. The reasons were: kitchen got the order of the orders mixed up and on top of that the person who took my order ordered the wrong dish for me. He was so obviously embarrassed by this and obviously felt seriously bad, that I forgot about it very quickly. My only wish would have been that between 1pm and 2:30pm (when the wrong dish arrived) I had been given an update as to why things took so very long. This is exactly what the GM told the poor chap who took my order. More amazing, however, the GM knew about the incident (and clearly understood what would have helped in the circumstances), because the poor chap himself had brought his mishap to the attention of the GM without me even saying a word about it to anyone but the person who took my order. I know I am verbose, you get my drift. Service is a huge plus of this resort.\n\nSome minor points: we seemed to order a lot of \"last of the lot\" bottles of wine. The white wines were always way too warm to be consumed straight away. Even the reds, for our taste. They are both kept at 24 degrees celsius. For whites, it takes a bit of time in an ice bucket to get them down to drinking temperature (perhaps we were a bit impatient). We like our reds at a maximum of 15 to 20 degrees celsius, so even these needed cooling (to the horror of some of our French co-guests, who seemed to believe that reds are never chilled, never mind you are by the equator and temperatures at night are around 30 degrees celsius). Anyway, like always, the staff did the utmost to chill the wines to our preferred temperature, which could involve a waiter standing by our ice bucket turning the bottle in the ice for 10 minutes. They really mean it on the service! One can (and we did) get a bit embarrassed by all the effort, but it comes from the heart it seems, so enjoy it rather then offending the service provider by declining the service.\n\nAnd no, no one is paying me to write this. I don''t think I have ever been able to relax at a hotel as well as at the Wanakarn. Perhaps I have made bad choices in the past, but we will return to this one!", "user": { "username": "PainfulGuest", "user_location": { "name": "Zúrich, Suiza", "id": "188113" } }, "title": "Get-away paradise", "subratings": { "Calidad del sueño": "5", "Servicio": "5", "Habitaciones": "4" } }, { "id": "247506928", "lang": "en", "location_id": "2395011", "published_date": "2015-01-05T02:36:04-0500", "rating": 5, "type": "review", "ratingImageUrl": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/img/cdsi/img2/ratings/traveler/s5.0-21400-5.png", "url": "http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g2237680-d2395011-r247506928-m21400-Wanakarn_Beach_Resort_Spa-Thai_Mueang_Phang_Nga_Province.html#review247506928", "trip_type": "En pareja", "travel_date": "2015-01", "text": "It is not often that reality exceeds what you are shown on colour pictures - but in Wanakarn this is the case! \nFrom the moment we were picked up in the latest airconditioned Mercedes limousine at the airport in late December up to our departure in January, my wife and me felt in a truly different world and the resorts slogan \"the search is over - paradise found...\" is not far fetched. Embedded in stunning nature, this place offers all the beauty and relaxing peace that our body and soul needed to relax from a usually hectic and stressy everydays life! \nThe villa is of generous size with a clean pool, comfortable couches and private atmosphere. The sandy beach simply a dream - not one pebble stone between our toes, even in the warm and very clear sea - and most of the time we had it all alone for ourselves. Little extras like ice-cooled baskets with fruits and drinks or ordered meals rounded up some perfect days...\nThe food is excellent and the chef de cuisine, a lively and smart young lady with a solid international background, offers an amazing variety of dishes in great quality. And even though it was high season (fully booked with 30 guests!) she found time to listen to our \"wish-list\" and always performed. Back at home now, I am not sure what I miss more - a bite from the extraordinary and richly decorated New Years eve buffet or my tender Wagyu-steak for breakfast.....\nBut what is a place without its staff? The locally hired people are of a natural kindnes and friendlines which we often missed in other places in this category. Always observant and considerate, each one of them really tried to pamper us in every possible way during our stay and the rare occasions of a negligeable shortfall were waived with a smile from our side - because they give their heart to the guests and every day was started with a warm welcome at the breakfast table!\nLast, but not least - the GM of Wanakarn, Mr. Frude Sund. The charismatic Norvegian is a very experienced and knowledgeable man of old school who takes the concerns and wishes of his guests serious and reacts immediately. Always present at the right time, our arrival and departure included, we often watched him lending his ear to everybody who crossed his way, not only once or twice, but daily - as part of his dedicated duty. In our opinion, a world class manager!\nIt is thanks to Mr. Sund and his wonderful staff and the exquisite cuisine that makes the difference to other high end resorts in South East Asia and makes us return again and again.\n\n \nMartin and Silvana Haussener, Switzerland", "user": { "username": "Martin H", "user_location": { "name": null, "id": null } }, "title": "Simply the best!", "subratings": { "Limpieza": "5", "Calidad del sueño": "5", "Servicio": "5" } } ] }'; begin update T_DESC_RELAISCHATEAUX set RC_TRIPADVISOR_REVIEWS = myClobVar WHERE RC_ID = 81652 AND LANGUE_ID = 4; end;]


De 19000 THB (~ 563 USD) por persona* Para 1 noche(s)

Rate inclusive of:
- Roundtrip Airport Transfer
- Welcome bottle of white wine
- Daily Gourmet a la Carte Breakfast
- Daily replenished fruit basket
- Daily chocolate turn-down
- Daily replenished Voss Water
- Daily replenished Espresso and Ronnefeldt loose leaf teas
- Aqua di Parma bath amenities
- Free use of mountain bikes, fitness room, steam, sauna, tennis, and kayaks
- Free WiFi

Terms and Conditions:
- Min 7 nights required for stay from 20th December 2014 to 10th January 2015
- For stay through between 24th December and 31st December 2014, additional charge of THB6,900 per person will be charged upon arrival for compulsory Gala Dinner.

Disponible del 22/01/2014 al 31/10/2015

Rates quoted based on double/twin occupancy and subject to availability

Hay habitaciones disponibles.


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titre coffrets cadeaux Cheque regalo 100€

la central de reservas (Estados Unidos)

1 800 735 2478

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* Las reservas deben efectuarse a más tardar 72h antes de la fecha de llegada y según las disponibilidades de cada establecimiento (excepto algunas fechas). Es posible modificar las reservas sin aviso previo. Precio indicado para una habitación doble ocupada por dos personas.