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Relais & Châteaux is a world in and of itself, unlike any other. A warm, welcoming, gourmet affair awaits where outstanding quality is coupled with each individual property's passion for their own region and its terroir.
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The art of giving Relais & Châteaux with our CRÉATION Gift vouchers and Gift boxes. If you want to spend a magical evening in stunning surroundings in absolute tranquility or enjoy a gourmet dinner at a restaurant of one of our Grands Chefs, there are more than 300 Relais & Châteaux properties awaiting the lucky receipients of this gift, to offer them a truly memorable experience.
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Relais & Châteaux offers you a veritable world tour. Whatever the occasion, however long you stay, each of our hotels will offer you the very best of its culture and region.
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When you experience Relais & Châteaux, you experience a whole array of sensations. Each of our properties offers the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled range of sensory experiences, where the beauty of a particular place, the warmth of the hospitality and the quality of the cuisine are in perfect harmony. Scents and tastes, landscapes and colours make every stay a rare and intense experience.
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Discover the excellent cuisine served in our properties: traditional or contemporary, it never fails to be wonderfully creative. This creativity is recognised throughout the world, as our Grands Chefs are considered to be the pinnacle of fine dining.

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Restaurant in town. United States,New York

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges New York 10023

Very early, as a kid, I was always helping in the kitchen. And always organizing! I would organize birthday parties for friends--as young as seven or eight, my friends would ask: “Can you do my birthday party?” I had no idea at the time that I would be doing this later on in life. But you see, I love to pamper people.

It was at the age of 16, for my birthday, that my parents took me to Auberge d’Ill. We only went to restaurants once a year as my mother cooked at home. That experience was the “big click” for me. Everything about it: the waiters, the silverware, the food. And I was lucky: The chef came to the table, my parents asked if he needed an apprentice, and I stayed three years!

It’s difficult for me to stay away from my restaurants 100%. For 35 years I have had 14 to 16 hour days cooking. But last year I turned 50 and decided to take weekends off. I have a house in the country where I enjoy fishing in my pond and time in my garden. Nature inspires me. I grew up this way in Alsace.

What was your most moving culinary experience?
When I left France for my first job in 1980 in Bangkok, it changed my life: the smells of lemongrass, curry, all the exotic spices. It was culture shock. Within Europe, there are similarities between countries. I had never been to Asia. On the hour and a half taxi ride to the hotel, I made the driver stop five times: It was the best tasting menu! The shrimp with lemongrass still sticks in my mind. As well as the black pepper chicken, the curries, and the coconut sweets next to the temples.

The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed?
A certain well-known food club approached me in 1988 to ask me to prepare a homage to Salvador Dali with food. All of the dishes were very sexual and very amusing--drawn from a book of recipes inspired by Dali’s art. We prepared six courses. There was an eyeball made out of foie gras with truffles. People were screaming with laughter!

Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs?
Do one pot meals: all the vegetables and meat cooked together. Or try to make a simple roast chicken with potatoes cooked alongside it. Let people serve themselves.

My blog “Jean-Georges Vongerichten”

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